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The California Workers' Compensation Reporter began publication in April 1973. The first index issue (which contains a subject matter index and table of cases, statutes, rules, and legislation) was published in January 1975 and covered Volumes 1 and 2.

An index issue for each subsequent volume has been published each January. The subscription year includes 11 regular issues published monthly from February through December, plus the January index issue.

Two cumulative indexes have been published in booklet format: a 25-year Cumulative Index 1973-1997, replacing two previous volumes, and a 7-Year Cumulative Index 1998-2004.

Individual back issues are can be ordered at $40 by subscribers, $50 by non-subscribers. A back issue can be sent as a "PDF" file attached to an e-mail for the same price.

A full volume year of pre-2019 back issues is $350 (includes sales tax and shipping).

A set of all 621 previous years' back issues (April 1973 through January 2021) is $5,150 (includes sales tax and shipping).

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